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Wedding Cake Flowers – Using Real Ones

Wedding Cake Flowers

Wedding Cake Flowers – Photo Courtesy – John Henry

Most wedding cake flowers that we see are made out of what is called “sugar” flowers or “gum paste flowers”.  These flowers are hand made from icing.  Instead of using “icing” flowers have you considered using real flowers to decorate your wedding cake? You can even mix real and icing flowers together. 

You can have the majority of your cake flowers made from gum paste and then add real greeneries and leaves as fillers.  This adds an extra dimension to your wedding cake. 

You have to be extra careful in handling gum paste flowers as they are very delicate and can break.  There is no need to worry about real flowers as they are very easy to handle.  The only thing you need to worry about is that some real flowers such as hyacinth are not food-friendly and toxic so avoid using them on your cake.  

Don’t go crazy decorating your wedding cake with too much flowers as you want to show off the cake itself.  While there is no rule of thumb, make sure you choose the predominate flower that is similar to that of your wedding bouquet.  Just like choosing the flower for your wedding bouquet, the flowers for your wedding cake should match your wedding theme. 

List of real flowers to avoid as your wedding cake flowers 

* Aconitum
* Arum Lily
* Bird of Paradise
* Calla Lily
* Foxgloves
* Hyacinth
* Hydrangea
* Jasmine
* Lily of the valley
* Pink Carnation
* Snowdrop
* Tulip List of real flowers safe as your wedding cake flowers 

* Daisy
* Orchid
* Petunia
* Rose
* Tiger Lily As always, check with your wedding florist on the safe use of real flowers on your wedding cake.  Also, advise guests that you are using real flowers on your wedding cake in case they have allergies to the flowers you chose.  To avoid this, check with your florist to see if they have special holders so that the stems of the flowers don’t come in direct contact with the cake.  This also prevents toxins from leeching into the cake. 

Lastly, don’t forget to decorate the cake table itself.  Use low flower arrangements so that they don’t block the cake from view.  One solution is to use a smaller version of the bridal bouquet and place it by itself on the table.  You can also scatter rose petals around the cake table. 

The above should give you some ideas for your wedding cake flowers.

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