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Wedding Boutonnieres for the Guys

Wedding Boutonnieres

Wedding Boutonnieres


Wedding boutonnieres are mainly for the groom and groomsmen while the bouquets are for the bride and bridesmaids. In weddings, all focus will be on the bride.  Just check out our articles, they are focused mainly on the bride.  So we dedicate this article to the guys, or more appropriately the groom and groomsmen.  So if you are the groom and are just lurking around, welcome to this article.  After reading this article you may be able to contribute to the wedding and your wife-to-be will be more appreciative.  If you are the bride-to-be, have your husband-to-be read this article.   

Here are some wedding boutonnieres tips

Types of Flower to Choose     

If you don’t know what type of flowers to use, you can’t go wrong with roses.  They are very popular for boutonnieres.  If roses are too much for your wedding budget, try going with artificial flowers or carnations.  Instead of roses, you can also try using stephanotis, orchids or tuilips   

Choosing Your Wedding Boutonnieres      

In addition to choosing the flower/flowers to use in your boutonnieres, you need to consider also the color of the flower to complement the groom’s attire. A dark outfit will be best matched by a darker color boutonniere made from a rose, calla lily or tulip.  You need to also take into consideration the colors of the bridal bouquet’s flowers      

Wedding Boutonnieres Are Just For The Guys?      

Usually, boutonnieres are worn by the males of the wedding party (groom, bestman, groomsmen, fathers of the couple), but we have seen boutonnieres worn by close relatives and friends (both male and female).   

The wedding boutonniere for the groom should be made somewhat differerently from the other boutonnieres. It may be in a different color or may be a bit more elaborate.  This is to signify that he is the groom and make him feel special.       

How to Place Wedding Boutonnieres

This is always the trickiest part to do.  If not placed properly on the person, the boutonniere may droop or worst, fall off.  First, the boutonniere is placed on the groom’s left lapel (your right). Secure the boutonniere with 1 or 2 short pearl-headed pin.  The pin is placed in the rear of the lapel and is inserted from the top down.  The pin should pierce the boutonniere’s stem from the side and inserted down the stem of the boutonniere.  It should not exit the stem of the boutonniere.  You do not want the pin to exit the stem from the front or it will show.  You also don’t want the pin to exit from the rear of the stem as this may stab the groom’s skin. To make this more secure, you can use the second pin but insert it below the first pin following the same instructions for the first pin.  The idea here is to hide the pin(s) in the stem of the wedding boutonnieres.

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