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The Bridal Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is an inseparable part of a wedding ceremony. Imagine walking down the aisle and not holding a bouquet. It would look somewhat awkward. The bridal bouquet historically dates back to ancient times and symbolized fertility, delicateness, pureness, prosperity and new life. Herbs were also carried alongside the flowers during the eighteenth century.  

The bouquet has evolved since it was first introduced. Today, during the reception, the tossing of the bouquet to a group of single women also symbolize new life and to pass on the bride’s good fortune. It is said that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next lucky one to get married.  

The bouquet can be as simple as a small bundle of flowers, or extravagant with a price tag in the range of thousands of dollars.  It all depends on your budget and how extravangant you want your wedding to be.  

Consider having two bouquets made. The reason being is that the bride gets to keep one and the other to be thrown away during the bouquet toss. The more elaborate of the two bouquets is made to be carried down the aisle during the processional ceremony and to be used in photographs while the smaller, cheaper, bouquet is to be thrown into the crowd of single women.  

Choosing The Flowers For Your Wedding Bouquet

Florists take great pride in their wedding bouquets design. Ask them to show you their work and they will proudly display their photo albums. Today’s bouquets are very elaborate consisting of a variety of floral designs, and can include a combination of calla lilies, roses, and sweet pea or traditional white lilies and roses. Sunflowers have even made their way into modern bridal bouquet arrangements. The most commonly used flowers are roses, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, orchids, calla lilies or gardenias.  

When choosing the flowers for your bouquet, you will need to consider the type of ceremony planned, the location of the ceremony and the style of gown you will be wearing. For example, a church wedding ceremony requires a more formal bouquet than an informal non-traditional wedding. Enhance an elegant ballroom gown with a bouquet with the right proportions. The bouquet should always complement the gown, but it should not become the center of attention either. The length of the bouquet should also be proportional to the bride’s height. Cascading bouquets are slowly going out of style but for tall brides, a cascading bouquet should be considered.  Lady Diana carried a cascading bouquet. Kate Middleton went with a more smaller, shield shaped wedding bouquet.  

An image that comes to mind is that of the bride in her wedding dress and veil carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When we think of a wedding, we always think of the wedding bouquet. Whether you carry a single rose or a bouquet of lillies, the flowers you choose for your bouquet should serve as a symbol of your love.  The wedding bouquet provides a completeness to the event just as a wedding will form a completeness between the bride and groom.  

Tips On Holding The Wedding Bouquet

When posing for photos, you should hold the bouquet slightly outwards and downwards so that the top of the bouquet can be seen.  Also hold the bouquet so that the top of the wedding bouquet is slightly below your breasts as shown in the photo above.

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