Rose Bouquets For Weddings in Different Colors


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Rose Bouquets Come in Many Colors

Rose Bouquets For Weddings

Rose Bouquets for Weddings

Rose bouquets for weddings are the most chosen bouquets by brides.  When one think of roses, the color most people associate with roses is red.  Red rose is the classic symbol for love.  If you don’t know which flower to choose for you bouquet, going with rose bouquets is the ideal choice.  You can’t go wrong with roses. 

Did you know that roses come in many different colors?  

Rose Bouquets for Weddings Colors

* Red Roses – Red is the universal color for love, romance, beauty, perfection, fidelity, commitment, passion, and of course sensuality.   The most popular types are Karidnal (scarlet red), Mr. Lincoln (dark red), Madame Delbard (deep red), and Cara Mia (deep red). 

* White Rose – White represents purity, young love, truth, innocence, loyalty, reverence, and humility. White rose is commonly referred to as the bridal rose. It is also known as Rosa Alba. The most popular types of white rose bouquets for weddings are Escimo (small-sized), Bianca (medium-sized) , Vendela (medium-sized with fuller petal). When going with white rose, add other colorful items such as green baby breath so as not to blend the white roses with your white wedding dress. 

* Yellow Rose – Yellow represents joy, caring, and friendship. Yellow is also the color of sunshine thus representing happiness, cheerfulness, affection and warmth.  This is a very popular color for rose bouquets. You can also go with yellow roses with red tips.  The most popular types of yellow rose bouquets for weddings are Gold Strike (deep yellow), Aalsmeer Gold, and Rhumba. 

* Pink Rose – Pink represents femininity, gentleness, and elegance.  The various pink hues also has different meanings.  Dark hue represents gratitude and appreciation.  Light hue represents happiness, admiration, gentleness, and grace. The pinkness of the rose complements the bride’s fair and faint blush of her cheeks. The most popular types of pink rose bouquets for weddings are Floribunda (light pink), Lady Diana (light pink), Laser (dark pink), Diplomat (dark pink). 

* Orange Rose – Orange represents passion, excitement, desire, appreciation, gratitude, admiration and enthusiasm.  While it is not as dark as the red rose, the orange rose has a subtle hint of heat of passion. The orange color is like that of a fire and is known as the flames of love. Some people also group peach rose (lighter shade of orange) and coral rose (lighter shade of orange)  into the same group as orange rose.  The most popular types of orange rose bouquets are Lambredo (brilliant orange), Fire King (long-stemmed), Pareo (light orange), Sonic (coral rose), Champagne (peach rose), Porcelina (peach rose), and Orsiana (dark peach rose).  

* Purple Rose –  Purple represents mystery, enchantment, majestic, and desire.  Purple is the color of mysticism. It is love at first sight.  They are also called blue roses and lavender roses. The most popular types of purple rose bouquets for weddings are Blue Curiosa, Lavender Duet, and Blue Moon.  

* Green Rose – Green represents fertility, fruitfulness, and calmness. It is also known as the Rosa Chinensis Viridiflora. The most popular types of green rose bouquets for weddings are Green Diamond (small-sized), Green Ice (small-sized), Greensleeves, Lime Sublime, Green Planet, Jade, and St. Patrick. 

There are no fast and hard rules that say you must use one color in your wedding bouquet.  Try different color arrangements as shown in the above photo.

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