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Organic Flowers

Organic Flowers

If you are an environmental responsible individual or want to have a “green” wedding, have you considered using organic flowers for your wedding bouquet and floral arrangements? Now, what exactly are organic flowers? Well, think of where flowers comes from and then you will have a better appreciation of what organic flowers are.  

Traditional flowers are grown in large flower “farms”.  These are usually located in drought-stricken countries such as Africa and other parts of the world. Since these flower farms require huge amount of water to grow the flowers, this leads to the country’s citizen not having enough water. 

Also these eco-unfriendly flower farms will use pesticides and other toxic checmicals and fungicides to rid of bugs.  Most of these checmicals are banned in North America. These chemicals also pollutes the land.  Workers in these fields may also not be protected from the chemicals which will lead to health risks.  In general, their working condition may not be ideal as well. As you can see, there are detrimental side effects.   

How to Get Organic Flowers

One way to obtain organic flowers is to grow them yourself in your backyard or rooftop (if you live in the city). Another approach is to seek out your local flower growers/farmer markets and see what they have.  Some may even be certified organic flower growers.  

By obtaining your organic flowers locally, you are also saving the cost of transportation (thus saving fuel) if you purchase them from other parts of the world.  You also get to support your local flower growing community and economy. 

You can also go “green” with your wedding bouquet by using berries, ferns, branches and even grass. This is getting down to earth as close as possible.    

Go with in-season flowers.  That is, depending on the season you are getting married in (summer is the most popular), choose flowers that are grown locally and in the season.  This way, you don’t ship out-of-season flowers from other parts of the world (again thus saving transportation fuel.  The world is running out of fuel, but that’s a topic for another blog).  

You can also get married in a garden or in your local botanical garden.  What better way to have natural flowers as your background! 

So by taking a stand by going with organic flowers, you are saying yes to a “greener” world and no to those countries that pollutes the land and take advantage of their farm flower workers.

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