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Making Candy Bouquets for Your Wedding Centerpieces

Candy Bouquets

Candy Bouquets In a Pot

If you are looking for something different for your wedding centerpieces, have you consider using candy bouquets?

I’m always on the lookout for something different and unique for wedding bouquets.  One of the recent wedding reception I attended had candy bouquets as the wedding centerpieces.

Candy bouquets make wonderful gifts for guests to take home and they make for a great conversational piece. If you are planning to have kids at the reception, they will love it.  Just have extra candies on hand for refilling.

Candy bouquets are really easy to make and you can’t really go wrong in terms of messing it up.  Just make sure you don’t start eating the candies. This is the only time you don’t really need a florist to do this for you.  You can purchase ready-made candy bouquets but it’s more fun when you make the candy bouquets yourself as it’s cheaper and you get to select the type of candies to use.

Making Candy Bouquets for Your Wedding Centerpieces

Here is a list of items you will need to get to make candy bouquets as shown in the above photo.  This is to make one candy bouquet.  So make sure you purchase enough items for the number of tables at your reception.  You can also vary the design a bit for each table so that the wedding centerpieces do not look all the same.  Use the items below as a starting point:

  1. – Small to medium pot as you don’t want the pot to dominate the table
  2. – Go to some food bulk store to purchase candies such as lollipops and chocolates.  Make sure they are colorfully individually wrapped.  Select the colors that matches your wedding theme.
  3. – Foam bricks (also known as OASIS brick).  You can also get any type of foam material which will be used to anchor the flowers and candies in the pot
  4. – White roses with purple centers (real or silk). Choose flowers that will match your theme. Best to have them pre-wired.  Also make sure the flowers are not too big or they will overshadow the candies.
  5. – Seven to eight purple roses (real or silk). Best to have them pre-wired.
  6. – Leaves to form the base of the floral/candy arrangements
  7. – Pearlies
  8. – Ribbons

STEP 1: Cut The Foam Brick

Cut the foam brick so that it will fit snuggly into the pot. The purpose of the foam is to keep the floral/candy arrangements in place.

STEP 2: Trim The Flowers and Candies

If you have long stem flowers, you will need to clip the stems.  Don’t clip too close to the flower.  If it’s a bit too long, that’s fine, as you can push the flower deeper into the foam brick.  Do the same for candies that have long handles/stems.

STEP 3: The Leaves

Before placing the flowers and candies, insert the  leaves around the edge of the pot. Overlap the leaves to form a nice fan effect.  This will act as the base for the floral/candy arrangement.  Insert each leaf into the foam brick at an angle so that each leaf appears to rest on the edge of the pot.

STEP 4: Insert The White Roses with purple centers

Start by inserting the first rose into the center of the pot. For the remaining roses, insert them at an angle near the edge of the pot.  Leave spaces between these white roses so that you can insert the purple roses and candies.

STEP 5: Insert purple roses and candies

Now insert a purple rose and then a candy into the gaps formed by the white roses.  Interweave them so that there is an alternating pattern between the white rose, purple rose and candy.  Spruce this up with  white pearlies.

Step 6: Add A Ribon as a finishing touch

If you don’t like to see a naked pot (as seen in the photo above), you can wrap the pot with ribbons or a figure-of-eight bows. How about painting the pot?

There it is.  Hopefully, this will give you some ideas on making candy bouquets for your wedding centerpieces.

Here are some resources to help you make your candy bouquets.

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