Keeping Your Wedding Bouquet Fresh Throughout the Day


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How to Keep Your Wedding Bouquet Looking Fresh

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Keeping Wedding Bouquet Fresh

If you will be using real flowers for your wedding bouquet, here are some tips on how to keep it looking fresh throughout the long day.     

With fresh flowers, your bouquet and your floral arrangements will most likely be assembled together by your florist the day before your wedding. They will be delivered to you in the early morning of the wedding day.  

Your bouquet and other flower arrangements will come in either vases or small plastic bags or vials of water. These items will keep the bouquet and flowers moist and fresh-looking for the ceremony. Some florist may not provide this so be sure to ask your florist ahead of time.  Some florist may also spray your bouquet with a special coating to keep it fresh.  In this case, you should not spray your bouquet with water.  Verify this with your florist.  

In the event that the bouquet and flowers do not come with these items, you can do it yourself. Just get a plastic sandwich bag and fill it with water and soak your bouquet in the bag. Secure the bag with a twist tie or an elastic band. You can even soak your flower bouquet in a jar of water. Make sure the water is not too cold or it may freeze the stems and prevents it to soak up the water.  The best solution is to keep each flower stems soaked in their own vials. The vials are small enough that they can be hidden in the wedding bouquet cone or cradle.  If the delivered flowers do not look too fresh, run the ends of the bouquet under cold water as you cut the ends at an angle. This will create new channels for the water to flow up the stems. Put the bouquet back into a jar of water and it should become straighter and fresher looking within an hour or so.      

If you order your flowers from across the country, make sure that they are delivered a day or two before your wedding day.  The flowers should be stored in your refrigerator and they should be soaked in a bag of water.  If you plan on taking photos before the ceremony, make sure you place your bouquet back into the jar/bag of water.  It is important to keep your bouquet watered before the main event which is the ceremony as you want the bouquet looking as fresh as possible.    

Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet After the Wedding

Here are some tips on preserving your wedding bouquet after the wedding. Your florist can help with the preservation or you can do it yourself. There are many preservation methods used by florists.  Many of these methods are kept in the dark by florists.  The main goal is to remove all moisture from flowers in order to preserve them.   

One technique is to hang the bouquet upside down. This way, the flowers get to keep their original form as they air dry. Leave it in this position for about a month as the air drying process will take some time.  Another technique is to spray the bouquet with hair spray (yes you read correctly) as this will form a layer of protection around the petals and preserve them in their original form.

If you want to mount your wedding bouquet in a flat frame, ask your florist to have your bouquet pressed and flatten. When mounted in a flat frame, it will have a 2-dimensional feel to it rather than the one-dimensional photo representation.

If money is not object you can have your wedding bouquet reconstructed from the original bouquet.  Each piece of the bouquet is taken apart and individually preserved. They are then wired together to form the original bouquet. 

One side effect when all moisture is removed is that the color of your bouquet will change.  In order to bring back the vivant colors requires tinting of some form.  You can also have damaged petals replaced by fresh ones and then preserved.  Your wedding bouquet will look just like it did on your wedding day.

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