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If you are planning to have a wedding theme, then you will need to have the right flower to enhance/complement that theme.  This article takes a look at three popular type of wedding themes.  Once you have a theme, choosing the flower becomes easier:

1 – Pastel Theme

When going for a pastel theme, think vintage, think of the bygone era, think of the sepia-toned photos.  Colors are muted, but this does not mean that your flowers will look dull and boring. Key colors that make up a pastel theme are champagne, off-white (such as cream and ivory) and light pink. Add to it berries (yes this is a very popular addition to any theme) and dodda vines (giving your floral arrangements an edgier raw look).

Another image comes up when one think of pastel and that is “antique”. What better way to show off your floral arrangement throughout your wedding venue than to use antique items.  For example, use antique vases,  teapots, and teacups as centerpieces to hold your flowers. These litle details will really make your pastel theme stand out!  The best place to find these items are non other than at antique sales.  We have even seen birdcages containing antique roses and candles at a recent reception.

2 – Bright Colored Theme

At the other end of the spectrum are brightly colored themed where you really want to stand out and shout out to the world “Look at me!!!”

Here you’ll be looking at bright contrasting colors such as red, orange, purple and yellow flowers. The spring season  is usually associated as the time for rebirth (after the dormant winter) and these bright colors is a reflection of that rebirth.  These bright colors is not just reserved for spring weddings, but can be used in other seasons as well.

Go for an all yellow bouquet dashed with a few strand of green dodda vine.  This will symbolize your birth as a new couple.  If you don’t want all yellow, add some white flowers to the mixture.  Adding some pink flowers will make the yellow flowers really stand out.  For an even more contrast, pair the yellow flowers with deep red flowers.

Don’t like yellow?  How about pink and red flowers interspersed with berries?

For your centerpieces, make your bold statement by having low-profile vases filled with lillies, orchids and berries. Add to the mixture with fresh fruits (green apples, green lime, red tomatoes) which your guests can eat or use in their meals.

3 – Autumn Rustic Theme

Autumn invokes deep brown or rustic color of the freshly fallen leaves.  Colors for this theme includes the earthy colors such as tan, orange and deep yellow.  Part of your venue decoration includes birch and burlap cloths (anything earthy will do).  You can even introduce miniature pumpkins in the mix.   

For your centerpieces, you can include rustic or silver vase, teacup, teapots containing fresh fall flowers. 

To give your wedding bouquet that rustic look, wrap the stem with deep brown colored ribbons.

Discuss these details with your florist to get the most out of your chosen theme.  They will be able to recommend the types of flowers to use.

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