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Flower Bouquets Hidden Meaning

The Hidden Meanings of Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquets may be as simple as containing one type of flower or be as elaborate as containing many type of flowers.  Usually the bride will have her wedding bouquet made from her favorite flowers.  Most brides may not be aware of the “message” or “meaning” behind the flowers.   

In choosing flower(s) to use in your wedding bouquet, do you know the meaning behind your flowers? It may say more than what you think they mean. Flowers have special meanings passed down from the ages, from one generation down to the next.  

In the Victorian days where it was taboo for a man to openly express his love for a woman, he would chose a flower which carried a certain meaning and have that sent to her. Back in the days, everyone knew what “the hidden meaning” each flower represented so it was easy for the lady in waiting to easily decipher the meaning of the flower she received.  

Flowers, herbs and spices symbolize unity and protection of the new union. Garlic and onions were used to protect the newlyweds from evil. White garlands represent innocence and chastity. 

Here are some of the more popular flower and their meanings:


At the top of the list are roses. They remain the bride’s main choice of flowers in the past, the present and most definitely in the years to come. Bouquets containing white rose represent innocence, beauty and charm. Just what every bride wants to portray. Red roses for a wedding bouquet signify passion and fiery love. Is it no wonder that this is the most favorite flower for wedding bouquets and flower bouquets in general? Dark pink roses express a couple’s thankfulness that they have found each other. Ivy color roses stand for fidelity in the marriage. This is what the bride and groom strive for. White roses represent innocence and purity  


Tulips in bouquets are great for spring weddings.  Carrying a flower bouquet of tulips is expressing  your undying love for your future spouse.  


Daisies are favorite flowers, in general, for many people, but not too many brides use them in their wedding  bouquets. Daisies represents romance and an innocent spirit.  Does that sound like you?  

Calla Lilies  

These flowers represent grace, beauty, elegance, charm, and regal. Calla lily flowers would be the perfect flower to complete that sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding. Royal wedding bouquets includes a bit of Calla Lilies.  

White Carnation  

Sweetness and loveliness, innocence, pure love, fascination and love of a woman.  If you are looking for an all white wedding bouquet, consider white carnations.  

White lily  

Purity, heavenly, modesty, virginity, majesty. All royal weddings include a touch of Lilies (actually Lily of the Valley in their weddng bouquets.  

Babies breath  

Pure of heart and innocence

Also, bride’s in the past carried scented flower bouquets to hide the smell of some of their guests as it as known that people did not bathe too frequently in the past.

As you can see,  there are two sides to flower bouquets.  One is the physical flowers that they contain and the other is the meanings that the flowers represents.  When shopping for your flowers, keep these meanings in your mind.

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