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Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Wedding flower decorations can enhance and beautify the wedding venues thus making a wedding day more special. Flowers are the three dimensional element of a beautiful wedding day celebration. Imagine yourself and your guests being surrounded by the beautiful wedding floral arrangements. They satisfy all the senses. The smell and sight brings it all together. You will cherish the special day forever. 

You can make your floral decorations as elaborate as in William and Kate’s royal wedding or just keep it simple. You can have flowers, corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets made for the whole wedding party or just a simple wedding bouquet for yourself.       

Choosing wedding bouquet flowers is a very meticulous job and requires professional “florists”. They play an important role in weddings and other events as he/she is responsible for arranging the flowers and decorations to beautify/complement the surrounding areas of the ceremony and reception venues. 

Wedding Bouquet Flowers Tips 

Make sure that when you choose your wedding bouquet flowers, they should match your color/wedding theme as well as the style of your wedding gown. If you are planning to have flower for your wedding party, then make sure the flowers/corsages/boutonnieres matches their wedding attire, especially for the maid-of-honour and the bridesmaids.      

Sometimes wedding bouquet flowers are done with artificial flowers which depend on the season in which you are getting married. Sometimes you have to be satisfied with artificial flowers because of scarcity. Nowadays, the artificial flowers (also known as silk flowers) are very realistic looking.

The cost of your floral arrangement always depends upon your budget. If budget is not an issue, then you can have your florist decorate the wedding party, the church, and the reception hall and your guests will be delighted with your flowers. If you are on a tight budget, then some part of the floral decoration can be given to the florist and the remaining things can be handled on your own and your friends.  You may also want to consider hiring students from floral design schools to make your wedding flowers. You can also purchase your flowers from wholesale florist.  Some will sell directly to the public.      

Keep floral arrangements simple in churches.  Most churches will have their own floral arrangements near the altar.  Keep the aisle clear as well.  We had an incident where the aisle was decorated with long stem glass vases filled with blue water.  It looked great in pictures, but when the processional started, the guests started to lean out to takes pictures.  Guess what happened?  Some of these thin glass vases were knocked over and crashed onto the aisle.  So keep it simple.     

If a parent or grandparent of either the bride or groom has passed away within a year before the wedding, the couple may elect to stop by the cemetery and place a single flower on the grave. Likewise, If a member of the immediate family is in a hospital, the bride and groom can pay the patient a visit just to let them know that they are loved and missed. 

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