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Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Flowers Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Flowers – Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

Choosing wedding flowers for bouquets is usually tricky for many new brides.  It is very important to choose the right type of flowers as the wedding bouquet will appear in photos with the bride.  As well, holding onto the wedding bouquet will give the bride some form of comforting support as she walks nervously down the aisle.  All eyes will be on the bride.

As you do research on the internet and outside the internet, there are many types of wedding flowers available in creating the wedding bouquet. Add to the mixture is the season in which you will be getting married as some wedding flowers may or may not be available.  Add to that your wedding budget. 

Wedding Flowers Styles

Your wedding dress style and the theme of your wedding can dictate the type of flowers to choose from.  In terms of style (or shape) of the wedding bouquet, there are cascade, arm bouquet, nosegay, hand-tied, and shield-shaped (like the one carried by Kate from the recent royal wedding). 

A cascading wedding has bouquet of flowers that flow from the bouquet stem  and can reach the ground. It can be quite heavy. Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana, carried a cascading wedding bouquet on her wedding day.  A cascading wedding bouquet is very romantic and is great for traditional wedding themes.

An arm bouquet is ideal for the bride who wants to keep it simple.  This involves wearing a single flower (rose) on the arm.  Usually arm bouquets are worn by the bridesmaids but the bride can wear one as well.

A nosegay wedding bouquet is a collection of flowers gathered in one bunch and tied around the center exposing the stems below.  The traditional wedding bouquet hides the stems.

A hand-tied wedding bouquet looks like an arm bouquet.  The difference is that the arm bouquet flower is stemless.  With the hand-tied wedding bouquet, you decorate the stem with delicate fabric, ribbon and lace.  You hold the hand-tied wedding bouquet like cradling a baby.  See the photo above.

The universal flower for wedding bouquets is the rose (white or red) are the most common. If you cannot decide on your wedding flowers, you can’t go wrong with roses.

Wedding Flowers Consideration

Take the following into account when choosing your flowers:

1 – Don’t let other people dictate what your flowers should be.  It is your wedding and should reflect your personality and the theme of your ceremony and reception.

2 – Take a look at pictures of floral arrangements.  Search through the internet and wedding magazines. Familiarize yourself with the flowers, colors and styles.  You can even visit a florist to get the feel and smell of the flowers.

3 – Start with selecting the style. See above for the various styles.  Certain flowers are more suited for certain wedding bouquet styles.  This will simplify your search for the rght flowers once the wedding bouquet style has been chosen.

4 – Keep in mind that large bouquets such as the cascading style can be very heavy.

5 – After having selected your bouquet style, the next step is to select the flowers and colors.  Try to be creative here and think out of the box. For example, if you plan to get marry around Valentine’s day, you can choose red and white roses. Create the bouquet with the red roses in the center with the white roses surrounding them.  Arrange the red roses so they form a heart-shape design.  For dresses, the bride wear white with the bridesmaids wearing red.  You can wear white shoes with red heart-shaped souls (yes these shoes does exists).

6 – Flowers have certain hidden meanings, so you can choose your flowers based on their meaning.

7 – If you want your wedding flowers to smell great, consider choosing gardenias, tuber roses, hyacinth, star-gazer lilies or white casa blanca flowers.

Wedding Flowers Themes

Here are some basic themes to get you started:

1 – For a fairy tale theme wedding, go with lots of roses.  Mix it up with dark and soft pink roses, ornage roses, white roses and ivy roses. Wrap them up with tulle.

2 – For a sophisticated, royal theme, go with calla lilies. A single stem calla liliy is great for a simple look.  A large calla lily bouquet is great for a grand effect.

3 – For a beach theme wedding, go with daisies. Tie them with ribbons and baby’s breath.

4 – For a garden wedding, go with tulips.

Have you concidered using silk flowers (fake) instead of real flowers? With todays technology, silk flowers look like real flower. You may be able to save some money and you don’t have to worry about the flowers wilting on you as the wedding day progresses.

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