Choosing the Colors for Your Wedding Flowers


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Colors of Your Flowers

Colors of Your Wedding Flowers

Colors of Your Wedding Flowers

If you are at a lost in terms of what colors your wedding flowers should be, then read on.    

Color is all around us. We attribute “moods” and “feelings” to colors. Colors towards the orange/red end of the color spectrum conveys warmth, happiness, drama and love.  Colors towards the blue end of the color spectrum conveys coldness, sadness and tranquility.    

Watch a movie and notice the use of color themes.  “Warm” colors such as orange are used for sunny days, warm locations (CSI Miami), and summer days.  “Cold” colors such as blue are used for winter scenes, night scenes, and so on.

So choosing the right colors for your wedding flowers means blending the right colors to give the right feelings you want to convey.  Of course, the colors should also complement your wedding gown and your overall wedding theme.  

Red roses are the most popular flower and color.  The redness conveys warmth, love and sexualness.  With flower crossbreeding, you can now get roses in all different colors, hues and shades.  You can even get petals with different shades on the same rose.  This is now becoming a very popular choice amongst brides for their wedding flowers.  Check with your florist for these types of crossbredded wedding flowers.  You can’t go wrong with roses but roses can be quite expensive.  

Understanding Colors for Your Floral Arrangements

As mentioned before, red is hot and passionate (red lips). The red rose petals can subliminally sexually represent the vulva (and that’s a topic for another blog <grin>).  Red floral arrangements convey an air of “drama”.  What else can you think of for red?  Yes, Valentine (red heart) and Christmas.   

Yellow can be thought of as being a happy, cheerful color.  Yellow is also the color of the sun.  There is a feeling of being re-born, for example the arrival of spring where flowers are now starting to grow again.   Take a look at baby showers and birthday parties, the color arrangements there will sure to contain some yellow color. 

Blue is a “cool” color and conveys a softer feeling.   Take a look at winter photos.  There will always be hint of blueness to convey coldness, loneliness.

Orange is a color for the fall/autumn.   To really make a bold autumnal statement, mix orange with some yellow, brown and gold color.  Picture the brown autumn leaves on the ground and the orange halloween pumpkins. 

Purple flower arrangements conveys a sense of “calmness”, yet visually it is a very vibrant color.   

Green is the color of the earth.   It can basically go with any type of flower arrangements.   Use different textures and shades of green in your floral arrangements and you can’t go wrong. 

Now go and make your statement.

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