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Picking a bridal florist for your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you can make for the big day. Your wedding guests will view the flower bouquets/decorations for the event even before they see you thus leaving a lasting impression. The flowers that you select can set the tone for the entire day.     

Traditional wedding flower arrangements in muted tones and elegant styles can be used for a very formal wedding. For an informal wedding such as a beach wedding, try a looser, more brightly colored design as it needs to stand out against the sandy beach background.    

Convey your requirements with your bridal florist. Your florist will work with you and help you make decisions about your flower bouquets and develop designs that will reflect your personal theme and the feeling you want for your special day.     

If you have never work with a wedding florist before, it can be a daunting task to find the right one. Your florist should be someone who is open to your ideas, whose opinions you trust, and someone you feel comfortable talking to.  If you do not know where to start in your flower bouquets journey, start by asking other brides whose weddings you have attended which florist they used especially if their floral arrangements agrees with your taste.   

If budget is not an issue and you really want to impress your guests, how about going with designer flowers?

Here are some tips in choosing and dealing with your florist

 • The bridal florist should offer a good variety of products, a high level of service, and the types of designs that matches your tastes. Ask the florist to show you a photo album showing the decorations they have designed for other weddings.  If you have your own photos or cutouts from magazines showing flower arrangements that closely reflect your ideas, bring them along when you meet with your bridal florist. Most importantly, take a photo of your wedding dress and bring that along.  It’s even better if you can bring in some materials/fabrics of your wedding gown.

• Great customer service will enhance your floral experience. Your bridal florist should be able to spend time with you and get to understand your tastes. If you are not able to convey to them exactly what you want, they should be able to ask questions and really listen to your answers. They should also offer helpful advice and provide different options based on your budget. Do not feel rushed or be uncomfortable with the florist or you will end up being frustrated.     

• The bridal florist should have fresh, good quality flowers. The shop should be clean, open and not cluttered. Your florist should carry only the best flowers and floral products.  

• Ask which flowers are in season when you get married.  If you opt for flowers that are out of season, you may end up paying 3 to 5 times more.

• Ask how many weddings are booked for a weekend, especially during the high season summer months.  Ensure that they have enough people to fulfill your order.  You don’t want them to rush it.

• Ask about hidden charges (if any) to deliver and set up your floral arranagements at your venues (church, reception hall, etc.).

• To save on costs, see if you can bring in your own ribbons and other flower accessories.

• Some bridal florist may charge you a consulting fee (which will be deducted from the bill should you go with them). 

• It’s worth repeating here.  If the florist insists on selling you their ideas and don’t want to listen to your needs, move on.  Also watch out for upsells of other items you may not need.

Choosing the right bridal florist will take some time and require a lot of shopping around, but keep in mind that when you have  found the florist who best meets your taste and needs will make selecting the wedding flowers themselves a whole lot easier and an enjoyable experience. The extra time you spend in choosing a bridal florist will be made up for in the beauty and quality of the flowers for your wedding day.  

Do not wait until the last moment in your search.  Allow about three to six months so you do not feel pressured.  Allow six months or more if the floral arrangements will play a major role in the decoration.  Since most wedding takes place in the summer, plan to start looking for a florist during the fall of the previous year.  Most florist will not be busy during the fall period so they should be able to spend more time with you. You must book way in advance for  florists that are hot in demand so you won’t get disappointed.  Also once you have chosen your florist, please keep in contact with them as your wedding day approaches.  We have heard stories where a bridal florist marked down the wrong date of the wedding (They had marked it down as being for the next weekend).

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