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Bridal Bouquets Alternatives – Pomander

If you are looking for something different than bridal bouquets then this article may be of interest to you.  

For the majority of weddings, bridal bouquets are the most popular items that brides carry down the aisle.   

Here are six bridal bouquets alternatives for both brides and bridesmaids

1) Wrist Corsage   

A wrist corsage is a small arrangement of flowers that is attached to the wrist. The best type of flowers for a wrist corsage are roses, orchids and other small flowers. Don’t over do it with large flowers.  Keep it small and dainty.   

The advantage in having a wrist corsage is that it leaves both of your hands free which is great for hugging guests.  Bouquets will get in the way or you will have to constantly have your maid of honour hold the bridal bouquets.   

2) Pomander   

A pomander (also known as a kissing ball), as shown in the photo above, is shaped like a round ball.  The flowers are cut and arranged to form a circular ball.  Holding all this together in the center is a small foam ball.  A ribbon handle is added to make the finishing touch. It is very easy to carry as you just slip the handle over your wrist. The best type of flowers to use are roses, gerberas or carnations.   

Pomanders are usually carried by bridesmaids and flowergirls, but there is nothing stopping the bride from carrying one herself.   

3) Hair Decoration   

Bridal bouquets can be complemented with hair decorations.  They can be both sylish and elegant. Choose a large flower such as a lily to form the center of the arrangement. Place and secure this on the side of the head just behind one of the ears.   

You could also go for a circular “halo” flower arrangement made of white roses that can be worn on the top of your head.  To complement the flower arrangement, you can add in feathers, beads, and jewels.   

Hair decorations are great if you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony.   

4) Prayer Book   

If you wish to incorporate religion into your wedding you can hold a prayer book. You can even decorate the prayer book with some small flower arrangements and/or ribbons.  

5) Lantern or Candle Holder   

You can carry a lit candle down the aisle.  This is visually beautiful especially during an evening ceremony. The shimmering light from the candle gives off a romantic mood and enhances the ceremony venue. Try to use non-drip candles.  For your safety and to avoid an accident from the bare flame, you can enclose the candle within a lantern.  Please discuss this with your church officiant first to get their OK.  Also, let your videographer know in advance as the lighting from the candle will be very low.  

You can decorate the lantern or candleholder with a small flower arranegments.  

6) Favorite Personal Items  

Favorite items from one’s childhood can be added to bridal bouquets.  This includes: mini-teddybears, small dolls, jewelry, etc.  It doesn’t have to be all flowers.  You can even mix in candies such as lollipops to your wedding bouquet.

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