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Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Artificial Wedding Bouquets – Silk Bouquet

You can opt for artificial wedding bouquets such as silk wedding bouquets if you cannot get real flowers for your wedding bouquet either due to the season or unavailability of the flowers. These are made from silk flowers and comes in various colors. The most popular ones are the red silk flowers. When assembled together (use about 24 or 36 of them) they form a realistic looking wedding bouquet. Unless you are looking very close, silk wedding bouquets almost look like the real thing.    

The cost of artificial flowers can cost much less than real flowers. If you are good with your hands and have a flair for design, the cost can even be lower. Your local florist can put one together for you but keep in mind that the silk material that they use is of a higher quality and thus the cost can be similiar to that of the real flowers. So if you are budget conscious, you can do it yourself, or have your friends help out.  Just buy the higher quality silk flowers from your florist and put your wedding bouquet together yourself.    

Advantages of Artificial Wedding Bouquets

One of the advantages to going with artificial flowers is that you do not need to worry about keeping them in a “fresh” state throughout the day. They can withstand heat and cold. They will last almost forever. You can even pass the silk bouquet down to your daughter for her wedding day. Artificial wedding bouquets can be made and delivered days in advance of the wedding. You can even experiment making different silk bouquet designs. Fresh flowers are usually arranged on the day before your wedding and there is no time for changes.  This is one less thing to worry about during your wedding day.  They will always be ready for that picture-perfect moment.

Here is a tip on making artificial wedding bouquets/silk wedding bouquets looking even better:

As shown in the photo, assemble your silk wedding bouquet using 24 to 36 red rose silk flowers. Use 36 to get a fuller look. Get about 12-24 diamond bouquet jewels and add them into the bundle. This will make your silk bouquet stand out with the sparkling diamonds. Do not overdo it as you want the silk flowers to stand out and not the jewelries.  You should purchase the silk flowers from a florist and not from a craftstore as the florist will carry better quality silk flowers (look for the brand name “SIA”).     

After the wedding, you can display your silk wedding bouquet in a glass cabinet surrounded by your favorite wedding photo of the both you with you holding the silk bouquet.

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