Allergy-Free Flowers For Your Wedding Bouquet


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Allergy-Free Wedding Bouquet

Allergy-Free Wedding Bouquet

Are you allergic to flowers? If so, then what kind of flowers should you use for your wedding bouquet?   

A different approach to take would be what flowers should you not use in your wedding bouquet.  First, avoid flowers that gives off pollen as this is what causes the allergies.   

List of Flowers for Your Allergy-Free Weddding Bouquet


Most of the daisy family of flowers such as daisies, sunflowers, asters, gerbera, chrysanthemums, dahlias and goldenrod (mainly used as fillers)  contain pollen, so you should avoid using them unless you know that they are pollen free.  However, within the same family there are some that are called “formal doubles’ which have no pollen.  The way to differentiate these from those that do contain pollen is the rather large number of petals for each flower.  

The reason being is that these flowers have been hybridized (cross-breeding, if you will) so that their pollen parts have been transformed into “petal-like” parts (hence their numerous petals per flowers).  A true hybridized flower in this family will be pollen-free since the pollen part no longer exists.  So you can use these in your wedding bouquet.  Check with your florist to get these type of hybridized flowers.   

Baby’s breath, like goldenrod, are mainly used as filler between large flowers. Baby’s breath comes as a single or double flowered. For pollen-free, go with the doubled flowered ones.   


For roses, go with hybrid tea roses, pink Cecile Brunner roses, and Banksia roses.   


Camellia look very rose-like and comes in many colors.  Best of all, they are pollen-free.   


Hydrangea macrophylla (pink and blue) are pollen-free.    


You can now get pollen-free lilies for your wedding bouquet.  Just request it from your florist.  Lilies contains brown pollen on its stemens which will be removed by the florist.  However, sap may flow from lilies which will cause itchy skin rash and can stain your wedding dress if the sap accidentally falls on it.  So avoid lilies in your bouquet if you have sensitive skin.    


While most orchids are pollen-free, if you have sensitive skins, skin rash can occur if you go with orchids.   


Go for the double flowered ones.  They also come in different colors.   

Silk Flowers:

An alternate route for flowers for your wedding bouquet is to go with silk flowers.  As far as articificial flowers go, they are pollen-free. 

What nost bride forget to check on is whether their wedding party, guests and especially themselves may be allergic to flowers.  To avoid unpleasant surprises on your wedding day, take this extra check. 

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